Is Thf Bayzoo Arrested? Age, Mugshot, Wikipedia, Biography, Charges Explained

Thf Bayzoo arrest news has become the headlines after his apprehension was reported on Youtube and Twitter. However, the information doesn’t have substantial truth behind the rumor.

Thf Bayzoo is also known as “Bay Bay,” “30 Poppa,” or “Mr. 051K. Once, he robbed Chief Keef along with Rome. He is a member of Mickey Cobras.

The gang’s colors are green, black, and red, and it is very mobile. The unit is forming factions across the United States’ Midwestern region.

The Mickey Cobras’ primary source of income is the wholesale distribution of marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine to other gangs, whereas most gangs must deal with each other.

On April 5, 2005, US Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald described The Mickey Cobras as one of several “super-gangs” that make up a significant portion of Atlanta’s overall gang population. 

Looking at Thf Bayzoo criminal affiliation with the gang and possible possession of guns, he might have been arrested in Chicago.

According to the Twitter news and online rumors, Thf Bayzoo is charged with possession of weapons, i.e., three machine guns.

One of the posts from raphousetv, “Lil Durk affiliate Thf Bayzoo just arrested by FEDS smfh rappers really can’t catch a break rn.”

Another post read, “Lil Durk affiliate THF Bayzoo arrested after police find three machine g*ns in his possession.” His affiliation with the gangs, especially with Mickey Cobras, has suspected the rapper’s profile. 

The “Reformed Kingdom of Mickey’s Cobras” is the official name of the Mickey Cobras today. They were initially known as the Egyptian King Cobras.

After three generations, the group has become heavily influenced by Islam.

The Mickey Cobras now have their written constitution and by-laws, which, like the modern-day BPSN, have a strong Islamic influence.

They are members of the People Nation in Illinois prisons. The five-point star banner’s collective name for joined gangs.

Thf has affiliated with Chicago-based rapper Durk Derrick Banks, better known by his stage name Lil Durk. Banks is the founder and leader of the Only the Family collective and record label.

The youtube videos and Twitter news suggest that the Mickey Cobras gang member and rapper Thf Bayzoo has been arrested for illegal weapon possession. 

The Mickey Cobras are a large Chicago-based street gang affiliated with the “People” nationwide gang alliance.

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