James Bhemgee Cause of Death : SA’s Street sweeper turned opera singer dies at 57

Bhemgee, a former road sweeper, became well-known after his outstanding voice helped him win SA’s Got Talent.

He was initially discovered in Cape Town by a woman who overheard him singing. She suggested paying him for singing examples after being so mesmerized by what she heard.

Bhemgee stated, “For a lengthy amount of time I’ve been jobless,” following his victory over the opposition in 2010. The most difficult period of my life was those 13 years. I never got the chance to sing, but I didn’t give up on my fantasy. I got by. I went through some really difficult times, but I remained devoted.

In 2011, he presented Vincero, his presentation collection. He also shared the stage with Welsh singer Katherine Jenkins, and his presence was crucial for Andre Rieu’s tour to South Africa.

James Bhemgee, RIP Stunning news, indeed. A great soul left the stage just when it was perfect to have the opportunity to impart the stage to you. My condolences to the family members. – Facebook user Zahier Zaza Abrahams.

Bhemgee briefly arrived in court when they were served on notice, along with the female cousin of his alleged casualty.

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