Jason Worley Indiana Reddit Post, Death – Obituary: Where Is Brandi Worley Now? Husband

Jason Worley is the husband of Brandi Worley who found that his wife was cheating on him and shared about it through a Reddit post. The article went viral and had many comments on it.

He confronted Brandi about her affair with the neighbor but she denied him in a straightforward manner.

Jason had evidence of her texting the neighbor and showed her the proof. She accepted it and told him that it was the first time it has gone to this extent.

Later, he also showed the pictures she had sent to him which was also confessed by her and told him it was gone by mistake.

After that, he and Brandi had an argument about it and later they decided to temporarily separate from one another.

Jason was going to stay in his home while Brandi was going to take the children and live in her home. But their son cried and the matter became worse. So, Jason begged for her to stay for the sake of the kids.

Where Is Brandi Worley Now?

Brandi Worley is now facing the life imprisonment punishment she received for killing her two children in 2016.

She did this after the divorce drama that took place between her and Jason. She was initially not found guilty and her trial was scheduled.

In 2018 she was found guilty of killing her kids. In March of the same year, Montgomery Circuit Court’s Judge Harry Siamas sentenced Brandi Worley to 65 years for murdering her son and 55 years for murdering her daughter.

She is serving a total of 120 years in life imprisonment with no parole in the Indiana Women’s Prison in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Brandi Worley was a married woman and a mother of her two kids who came into the limelight due to the heinous crime she committed.

She killed her two kids when her husband was filing for divorce from her.

This murder case was one of the shocking cases to be heard and Jason was heartbroken for not being able to save any of his kids.

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