Jerry Anderson Death; Shot Dead, Suspect Arrested and in Custody

A man identified as Jerry Anderson has been confirmed dead after he was reportedly shot by his neighbor in Washington County Standoff. Authorities have arrested the suspect and investigation is ongoing.

Family of Jerry Anderson, 44, identified him as the victim, and told Topinfo News 4 that Anderson leaves behind two teenage sons.

“Why, you know, why would it happen, what happened to him?” Anderson’s uncle, Terri Harbison said.

The coroner’s office later confirmed Anderson’s identity and said that the cause and manner of death are pending.

Anderson was “shot in an altercation involving a neighbor outside Anderson’s residence,” the coroner’s report said.

Our crew at the scene spoke with a man who said the person on the mower was his nephew and that he had been shot.

He was later identified by the Washington County coroner’s office as 44-year-old Jerry Anderson.

The coroner’s office said Anderson was shot after getting into an altercation with his neighbor.

According to Washington County 911, units were called to 18 Loffert Road in Smith Township around 2:30 p.m.

District Attorney Jason Walsh said disputes have happened in the past, but had never risen to this level of severity.

“The actor, the suspect, shot the other neighbor in the back of the head,” Walsh said.

Walsh said the suspect didn’t fire at officers but barricaded himself inside a home.

“I know 911 called the neighbor and told them to get to their basement,” neighbor, Joe Schultz said.

Sky 4 video showed a large police presence, including a SWAT vehicle, outside a residence on Loffert Road.

“It’s a residential neighborhood. The houses are very close. When you’re firing a weapon, anyone is in the zone of danger,” Walsh said.

Fortunately, no one else was hurt before the suspect walked out with his hands up and laid down on the ground. Several police officers took the man into custody.

Harbison said he lost his nephew, and two sons lost their father.

“He’s got two twin boys. He’s just a great kid. I don’t know why this guy would do this to him. It’s a damn shame, I know that,” Harbison said.

The suspect is in state police custody and is expected to face homicide charges, Walsh said.

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