Journalist Quentin Sommerville Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Married, Net Worth

As for his Wikipedia, Sommerville has earned a reputation as one of the BBC’s most trusted foreign correspondents, reporting on Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Israel crises.

Sommerville began his career with the BBC as a Shanghai correspondent before Beijing. In 2008, he presented BBC Breakfast for a short time before moving to the Andrew Marr Show, where he remained to cover China.

In 2014, the journalist became notorious after he became so high on drugs that he couldn’t give a serious news presentation without laughing out loud.

Sommerville, based in Jerusalem, tweeted the astonishing footage to his followers as a “Christmas present.”

Besides, covering the Ukraine crisis, on the other hand, has been a considerably more serious undertaking.

Quentin’s current age, based on his photographs, appears to be in his late 40s or early 50s. However, his age is only an approximation based on his demeanor.

On the other hand, his exact age and date of birth are uncertain.

Furthermore, his Twitter profile indicates that he resides in Beirut. Aside from that, no credible information about his family, parents, or even wife was available because the journalist only published photographs related to his profession.

Quentin Sommerville is stationed in Beirut, Lebanon, and is the BBC’s Middle East reporter. During his time with the BBC, he has reported on several stories, including one from the devastated IS stronghold of Raqqa in September 2017.

Similarly, he worked on BBC One’s News America in 2017 before taking up his present role.

According to reports, BBC’s Quentin Sommerville and photographer Darren Conway spent the week alongside Ukrainian soldiers fighting to halt a Russian offensive.

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