Julia Leeb Wikipedia; Julia Leeb Lebenslauf Alter, Mann, Geboren

Julia Leeb does not have a Wikipedia bio dedicated to her. Details regarding her personal life are sparse but plenty of outlets have covered her excellent professional works.

The Munich photographer and documentary filmmaker, Julia Leeb has already visited more than 80 countries and mostly those where life is far from easy.

She was born in Munich, Germany. Julia studied many subjects including television and digital media, Arabic, and international relations.

Julia Leeb is a journalist, photographer and film maker specialised in the production of VR (Virtual Reality) content. She lives and works in Germany.

Mostly working as a war photojournalist, she describes her visit to North Korea as visiting an alien planet.

She published the book  “North Korea: Anonymous Country” in order to further describe her experience there.

She makes artistic 360-degree photos and videos about various war-torn and remote places. These help people experience the terror of these conflict zones.

She is of German nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

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