Kashif Bhai Death – Obituary News, Cause of Death

Unexpectedly, Kashif Bhai, the creator of the world’s most downloaded mobile app, Islam 360, departed away. Muslimhood has confirmed his demise through an online message. At the time of publication, the details of his death had not been made public.

Muslimhood reported the death of Kashif Bhai, the creator of Islam 360, the most downloaded app worldwide.

“May Allah pardon him and count his labor for charity. Ameen. To raise the ranks of the deceased, everyone should listen to certain Qur’anic readings on this app. In any case, this app is excellent. is thorough. Easy. Every object resembles a finger.

His family is receiving condolences and tributes for his passing from friends, coworkers, government officials, and veterans. Everyone will sincerely miss him.

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