Lyle Lovett Wife Age? April Kimble Twin, Where Does Lyle Lovett Live, Face Droop, Children

The actual age of April Kimble is not known on the internet. The lady maintains a low profile and is only known to be the beloved of famous singer Lyle.

Glancing at the appearance, April seems to be around her early forties. The age difference between the couple seems to be around twenty years. According to the latest in Bollywood, Christian Kimble hails from San Antonio.

According to the pocket news alert, Lovett and his first wife had ten years of age. During the film “The Player,” the couple met and fell in love. Their marriage, however, lasted only two years, and they divorced in 1995.

April and her husband have known each other for years and are going strong together. The considerable age gap does not affect their lives, and they live happily.

Lyle Lovett was born in Texas, the United States of America, on November 1, 1957. After being born to William Pearce and Bernell Louise, he was raised in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

The singer earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1980 and has worked in the field since then. Lovett is four times Grammy Award winner, including Best Male Country Vocal Performance and Best Country Album. 

Meet Lyle Lovett And April Kimble Children

Lyle and April are lovely parents of two children. According to Wikipedia, the couple is a twin baby, a boy, and a girl. They were born in 2017, the same year Lovettand Kimble tied knots. However, the singer has maintained privacy about the details of his children. 

Lovett probably kept his children away from the hustle, knowing its mental impact on the people.

The couple is undoubtedly grooming their children and letting them live their life. The offsprings probably feel blessed to get procreators who support and guide them.

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