Major Stepan Tarabalka Wikipedia – Death: Stephan Tarabalka, Ghost of Kyiv, Kiev, Ukraine

Major Stepan Tarabalka Wikipedia: Ukraine Air Force Major Stepan Tarabalka’s biography has not been featured on Wikipedia.

He joined the Carpathian Military Sports in Lyceum when he was 13 years old. Next, he attended the Kharkiv National University of the Air Force.

Stepan graduated in 2014 and started fighting for his country. Then, he became a fighter pilot on MiG-29 and served in the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war.

Tarabalka took down 40 fighter planes of enemies until his demise. On the battle of 13 March, he solely took down six before the enemy took his aircraft down.

He was on the MiG-29 fighter plane and he was battling on behalf of his country, Ukraine. He fought bravely and took down six Russian aircraft.

However, during the process, one of the Russian aircraft attacked his plane and he died. Following his death, he was named a war hero and awarded the Order of the Golden Star.

Stepan’s helmet and goggles are set to be auctioned in London as a promotion of heroism. His death has saddened the UAF and his family. May his wonderful soul rest in peace.

Major Stepan Tarabalka Death, What is his Cause of Death?

On Friday, April 29, sources reported the death of the mystery Ukrainian fighter pilot nicknamed the Ghost of Kyiv. The famed pilot’s identity was revealed to be Stepan Tarabalka by local Ukrainian media.

Last month, it was reported that Tarabalka shot down around 40 Russian aircraft. He was hailed as a war hero by the legion of people who supported Ukraine in the conflict.

As per sources, the renowned pilot was shot down on March 13 while flying his MiG-29 jet. It was later confirmed that the Ghost of Kyiv had passed away on the day his plane presumably crashed.

After his demise, Stepan Tarabalka’s mother spoke to sources. While she seemed not to have been aware of her son’s legendary name given to him by the people, Nahtalia did say:

“He would always watch the paratroopers in their air exercises. And he would run in their direction to try to see where they landed. Since early childhood, he always dreamed of the sky, about flying higher than the clouds.”

Meanwhile, his father Evon hinted that the family did not know anything about his missions. He said through a translator:

“We know he was flying on a mission. And he completed the mission, his task. Then he didn’t return. That’s all the information we have.”

In early March, the Ukrainian government tweeted about the ‘Ghost of Kyiv,’ labeling him as such. They claimed that the pilot had shot six Russian aircraft at the time.

The tweet also stated that the Ukrainian people called him the ‘Ghost of Kyiv.’ Later on, the authorities shared similar tweets praising his contribution to safeguarding Ukraine.

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