Maureen Hale Murder: Meet Her Husband Martin Hale? Missing Story

Maureen Hale was a Thames Ditton native 42 years old woman who went missing on June 22, 1999. However, her missing case got surrounded by multiple suspense.

In particular, she had returned from a holiday in Greece. Further, she had planned to take her children to the concert. It was mysterious that she left without telling her four children.

Further, she had left her accessories behind, where there was no evidence to verify she had arranged any meeting on that day. The investigative team had searched her for days, but they never found her. Her missing case is still the subject of suspense as there is no evidence of her presence and death.

Maureen Hale had four children, and she was a divorced woman when Martin met her as she had a son Nathan from her previous marriage. However, she left behind all her children and never returned. On the other hand, her children had never published the obituary in her name.

The investigating team never found the evidence of her death in the following years. However, the police arrested Martin in June 2008 as the suspect in Maureen’s murder. Martin had adopted Nathan, and they had four children from their marriage named Georgina, Oliver, Samantha, and Tristram from their marital relationship.

Norm Williams wrote, “Terrible what happened to her but let this be a lesson for men. this guy built up a business by great personal sacrifice while his wife stayed at home and for his reward, a divorce means that he may lose his house, custody of his kids, and his business and livelihood. this is the typical story I’ve heard for 50 years. now women working underpaid in careers controlled by men but more women who end up living off men. women who make that their career. my ex mother law did this. she cheated on her husbands and then made a living marrying, divorcing and collecting alimony, child support and so on.

Maureen Hale was a married woman with four children who went missing in 1999, and the police never found her. In particular, she was from Thames Ditton, England, the United Kingdom, as she left her house on June 22, 1999, at around 10 pm and never returned.

However, her husband, Martin Hale, did not report her missing for three days as she had disputes with her husband for years, and she had made an appointment with a divorce solicitor. On the other hand, she went missing before she filed the divorce from her husband.

The police department found her missing case suspicious as there was no reason for her to leave without informing her children. Further, she never contacted her family and friends in the following days, and she had never used her bank account and passport after she left.

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