Meet Antoine Morgan Girlfriend, Kieyesia Jetton; Age, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Biography

Antoine Morgan has arrived with his girlfriend Kieyesia Jetton on the brand new romantic reality show Commit or Quit with Judge Lynn Toler. He has been in a romantic relationship with Kieyesia Jetton for some while. The romantic couple has arrived on the show to find out if they should commit to their relationship or quit.

He has reached the age of 36 at the current date as he was born on November 15, 1985, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He completed his secondary schooling at Westinghouse high school in 2004 and attended West Virginia University, and was NFL Regional combined.

Further, he started making Brother Comey sketches, where people admired his videos as he gained millions of views. In addition, he founded the successful independent film company Brother films in January 2015.

Meet Antoine Morgan From Commit Or Quit Cast;

Antoine Morgan is a well-known American actor, director, and producer who has years of experience in the entertainment industry. He has worked in multiple genres, including Comedy, drama, action, and suspense. In particular, people have admired his works in many credits, such as the short thriller film, Why Is He Out There, Not My Favorite Christmas, and California Dreamin.

In addition, he has directed notable credits, including the Television drama movie Fatman Resurrected, The Morgan Brother, A Christmas Boomerang, Alone, and Up Late with Antoine Morgan.

Further, he is the writer of Why Is He Out There and The Revenge of Chucky. Moreover, Antoine Morgan has produced Alone, AIKN, and The Revenge of Chucky. He is the owner of the successful independent film company Brother Films.

Antoine Morgan has worked in multiple credits in the following years, and he is the founder of the independent film company Brother films. Following his successful journey, people assume he has amassed a net worth at the current date.

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