Meet Floyd Mayweather Ex Girlfriend, Shantel Jackson?Age, Wikipedia, Biography, Dating Now?

Shantel Jackson

Shantel Jackson and professional boxer Floyd Mayweather had an eight-year relationship that ended in 2014. Shantel and Chris met in 2008 while Shantel was working as a waitress in Atlanta, Georgia.

Shantel and Floyd had even planned a wedding, according to sources. However, after their breakup, things became a shambles.

Floyd accused Shantel of terminating the pregnancy of twins, while Shantel charged Floyd of abuse, harassment, and invasion of privacy.

Despite their differences, Shantel defended Floyd when his ex-girlfriend Josie Harris was charged with domestic abuse and sentenced to prison.

Shantel was unfortunately attacked by Floyd shortly after her release from prison. Shantel went so far as to file a police report against him.

Shantel Jackson is a singer and actress from the United States who is currently single. After dating professional boxer Floyd Mayweather, she gained greater attention.

Jackson was born and raised in Miami, where he studied filmmaking. Shantel decided to make a career out of modeling and is currently working on a unisex fashion label.

Shantel has appeared in a number of films, music videos, and stage performances, as well as appearing in a few reality television shows.

Who Is Shantel Jackson Dating Now?

Shantel Jackson is single and hasn’t dated anyone since 2022.

After terminating her romance with a professional boxer, Jackson began dating American rapper Nelly in 2014.

However, the couple ended their seven-year romance in 2021 by mutual consent and agreed to continue to be friends.

Shantel said in an interview that they decided to end their long-distance romance since they had grown apart on their own.

Shantel previously responded to a fan’s question regarding her relationship status with Nelly by saying, “No, We’re not together, Just friends.”

Shantel Jackson Age

Shantel Jackson will be 38 years old in the year 2022. She was born in the United States on July 28, 1984, in Miami, Florida.

She grew up in Florida and went to a local school to finish her education. Shantel was the middle child in a family of four children.

Since she was a child, Jackson has had a keen interest in the entertainment industry. She was a regular performer in plays and musicals.

Shantel Jackson Bio/Wiki

Shantel Jackson isn’t included on Wikipedia. Top news sites such as Distractify and the Sun, on the other hand, have profiled her.

Shantel Jackson is an actress, model, and Instagram sensation. After dating boxer Floyd Mayweather and artist Nelly, she garnered greater recognition.

Jackson studied Entertainment Technology and learned about the film industry at Technical Arts High School.

In 2016, she appeared in features and short films such as “Eye of the Beholder,” “Good Riddance,” and “Supply and Demand.”

Shantel Jackson’s Husband: Who Is He?

Shantel Jackson is a single woman. As a result, she has never married.

She was formerly married to boxer Floyd Mayweather and rapper Nelly for a lengthy time.

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