Meet Mara Louk? Visible Music College Punished her After a Rape Allegation

Mara Louk

Who is Mara Louk, and where did she come from? After a rape allegation, Visible Music College penalized her: Despite the fact that numerous efforts for women’s safety have been launched, crimes against women continue. Another example of violence against women is being investigated. According to a recent article, an ex-student of a Memphis Christian college claims the school barred her from campus for allegedly having premarital s*x with her former partner after she complained a fellow classmate [email protected] her. Mara Louk, a 22-year-old student at Visible Music College, filed a federal complaint with the US Department of Education this week, alleging that the school did nothing when she complained that a classmate choked and [email protected] her in November 2021.

Who is Mara Louk, and where did she come from?

According to the reported complaint, on November 2, 2021, a male student came over to her Louk residence to play board games. After that, he began s**ually abusing her. The next day, she told a school authority about her ordeal. “I did not anticipate them to actually send him out,” Louk told NBC News, “but I did trust them enough to get a plan in place to keep him away from me and other kids.” She filed a sexual assault report with Memphis Police the next day, but she was told a week later that there was insufficient evidence to warrant a detention.

Because the alleged boy had not been charged by the cops, school administrators informed her on November 15th that he would be allowed to continue attending courses. Louk claimed that the administration department also accused her of infringing school rules prohibiting premarital physical connections with another student, despite her claims to the contrary. According to reports, the accused classmate told a school official that she had s*x with her previous beau that semester, and that he verified it.

“The ‘Crime on Campus’ reporting program is operated in accordance with the requirements of the ‘College and University Security Information Act,’ (T.C.A. 49-7-2201, et. seq.) enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee, effective July 1, 1989,” according to the school’s Campus Safety section of the website. The Act requires each institution of higher education to report data related to crimes on campus and in student housing to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, which will “prescribe the reporting form and format for the collection of such data and issue an annual report of the results of such data submissions from each institution.”

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