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Despite being a well-known actress in the Malayalam cinema industry, Maya Moushmi is yet to be recognized on Wikipedia’s official page. Her brief biographical information, however, can be found on IMDb.

Maya has appeared in over 25 films and over 40 television serials, including Baba Kalyani and Roudram.

Additionally, Baba Kalyani (2006), Roudram (2008), and Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus are among her film credits, according to IMDB (2013).

However, her most well-known performance was in the television series Pakida Pakida Pampara. After that, she starred in Sundarimukku and Pulival Pattanam.

The serial Pakida Pakida Pampara made Malayalees laugh out loud. Malayalam television aficionados, particularly actress Maya Moushmi, would never forget any of the characters from the show.

Maya is not only a film serial actress; she is also a lady who has fought for her life by enduring several catastrophes.

Reportedly, Maya was too preoccupied with her family & her happy place to worry about the hundreds of stories & gossip that emerged from the industry.

Although no reliable estimate of Maya Moushmi’s age has been found on the internet, her appearance suggests she is in her late 30s or early 40s.

Nevertheless, the following figure is only a conjecture, as Maya has never revealed any information about her birthdate or age.

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