Megan Nicholls Jockey: Wikipedia And Net Worth – Is She Married To Kevin Stott?

22-year-old female jockey Megan Nicholls in 2017 through her debut she revealed her skills.

She explained her love for riding and feeling the wind.
Her father , Paul Nicholls is a champion trainer of horse, he has helped Megan manage her routine by training her as female jockey to do new heights.

Megan Nicholls’ Wikipedia

Megan Nicholls 22, has racked up a significant number of wins since her debut. She seems to have raced 681 times and won 71 times. Her winning percentage on average is 10%.

Moreover, the jockey has placed 2nd, 66 times, 3rd, 85th times, and 4th, 61st times in her career till now. Megan has the license of Flat & Jumps and she participates in both the races.

Since her early childhood, Megan grew up around horses, as her father was a popular trainer. She seems to ride horses and later loved riding which turned into her passion.
Megan does seem to lack quite a bit in racing this year, but she is likely to improve through the help of her self-discipline, and the support of her coach and trainer.

Is Megan Nicholls married to Kevin Stott?

Megan and Kevin Stott both love jockey. The two have been in relationship for some years now.
According to sources, the two would soon marry as Kevin is Megan’s soon to be husband.

Megan Nicholls’ Net Worth in 2022

According to sources, Megan Nicholls’ net worth in 2022 is about 662,743 pounds earned from her racing career as a female jockey.

Her net worth increased through her 71 win bonuses, participation, and placement in the races.

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