Merritt Heaton: What happened to Merritt Heaton Illinois, Active Farmer? | Obituary News

Merritt Heaton – Cause of Death: What happened to Merritt Heaton Illinois, Active Farmer?

Who is Merritt Heaton?

Merritt Heaton was recognized in 1988 as the oldest active farmer in Illinois. He was 97 years old and farmed 235 acres of land with his oldest son, who was 78.

He remembered the mailman arriving at his father’s home when he was a child, telling them that President McKinley had been assassinated.

He was a soybean farmer but soybeans did not exist when he began farming in 1913. He married his wife in 1909 and she passed in 1972.

Mr Heaton was on the Johnny Carson show in February 1988. He died the following year in April.

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