Missing Man Aaron Tschritter Last Seen In Deep Ellum, Was He Involved in a Car Accident?

Aaron Tschritter, 29-year-old Canadian man has been declared missing on his way to Texas, USA. Information reaching us is that Aaron Tschritter was involved in a car accident but this claims are not valid yet.

Aaron Tschritter was last seen on Thursday leaving the Vinty Club, at 2810 Elm St. in Deep Ellum, around 2 a.m., leaving Vinty Club in downtown Dallas. His wife Melissa said in a social media post Friday. He was not in his hotel in the morning and did not show up for the game in the afternoon, she said.

“He has made no contact with family, which is incredibly unlike him,” she wrote. ” His phone is going straight to voicemail. We have checked his location, credit card statements, etc. We have also called at least 10 hospitals in the area to see if he may be there. Nothing.”

Aaron Tschritter is a local realtor with Century 21. He is described as Caucasian, five-foot-10 and 190 pounds with short, brown hair, hazel eyes and a birthmark on his right forearm.

According to social media posts, calls to Tschritter’s phone go straight to voicemail. His family has checked credit card statements and called at least ten area hospitals in hopes of finding him. What’s especially concerning, according to Tschritter’s loved ones is the fact that he hasn’t contacted any of them. They said that’s “incredibly unlike him.” Thus, they have filed a missing persons report with the Dallas Police Department.

Dallas Police have a file open. Anyone contacting them can reference file number 213579-2021.