Missing woman’s remains found buried in Cape Girardeau Co. barn

Jessi Wilfong Missing: The excess pieces of a 21-year-old individual definite missing in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri, in May were found throughout the week’s end, and a woman has been blamed for verification changing in relationship with the assessment.

Jessi Wilfong Missing: The Cape Girardeau County Sheriff’s Office says Jessi Wilfong’s mother uncovered the 21 year old missing on May 25. The sheriff’s office says the assessment concerning Wilfong’s evaporating drove representatives to get and finish a court request at a home in the district on June 15. Considering verification from that chase and different information specialists uncovered, the sheriff’s office says experts began to feel that Wilfong had met with bad form.

Jessi Wilfong Missing: The sheriff’s office says information delegates got driven them on Saturday to an area near the home they’d as of late looked. Inspectors found an area of ground inside a pony cover that appeared like someone had actually been digging there. The locale was uncovered, and analysts revealed Wilfong’s excess parts.

Jessi Wilfong Missing: An assessment of the woman’s body was performed on Monday, and the sheriff’s office says the revelations showed her death was a homicide.

Jessi Wilfong Missing: The sheriff’s office says the Cape Girardeau County Prosecuting Attorneys’ Office reported charges Wednesday against a woman named Teresa L. Baumgartner in relationship with Wilfong’s end. Baumgartner is blamed for playing with genuine verification in a wrongdoing assessment.

Jessi Wilfong Missing: according to the Cape Girardeau County Sheriff’s Office, Jessi Wilfong was represented missing by her mother on May 25 and a report for somebody who has disappeared was recorded with them.

The assessment drove them to serve a court request on June 15 at a home in Cape Girardeau County.

Jessi Wilfong Missing: according to court reports, they found the interminably cover padding from the parlor and hall had been taken out from the home.

Not completely firmly established from the evidence assembled that bad form was locked in with Wilfong’s disappearing.

Jessi Wilfong Missing: On June 18, delegates went to an area near the home and found the site of an actually dug piece of ground inside a pony cover structure.

While unearthing the district, they found the excess pieces of Jessi Wilfong.

According to court reports, a drill was found on the property that had been rented by Baumgartner from an area business on May 24.

Specialists say the disclosures from a posthumous on June 20 showed Wilfong’s justification behind death was wrongdoing.

According to court documents, specialists say Baumgartner and Wilfong’s uncle participated to dispose of the body.

The assessment stays open and advancing.

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