Orion Thomas Death – Obituary: What is Orion Thomas Cause of Death?

O‘Rion Eugene Thomas, 4-Year-Old kid has reportedly passed away. Information about the death of Orion Thomas was announced on May 10, 2022. However, details regarding his cause of death is still unknown.

According to a video posted on social media, Orion Thomas died in his dad friend’s house.

On March 3rd, Orion’s Mom went to Vegas, before leaving town she dropped Orion’s with two other kids off with their father, things seem to be going well.

On March 5th, Orion’s dad took him to get a haircut after the haircut, Orion’s dad took him and his two siblings and dropped them off at Orion’s mom’s best friend’s house. Her best friend lived with her sister and mother.

Later that evening on March 5th Orion’s mom got a phone call it was her best friend that was calling, she asked Orion’s mom if her son got Ashma and she replied by telling her no.

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