Orlaith Quinn Death Cause: 33-Year-Old Belfast Mom Committed Suicide

Orlaith Quinn’s death has shaken the internet. The 33 years old lady committed suicide in the early hours of October 11, 2018, at the Royal Jubilee Maternity Hospital (RJMH) in Belfast.

She took her life two days after giving birth to her third child. Recently, her husband has blamed the maternity care for her death. He said she would not have taken her life if she had received the care she was crying out for. 

According to reports, she had tried suicide three times in the week before her daughter was born. It is said that she was in the stage of postpartum psychosis and mental depression.

Quinn’s mother also criticized the hospital for its lack of professionalism. The husband is still grieving her death as he said she might not have taken drastic steps if he had reached out to her sooner. She had disappeared from the ward when her husband was asleep beside her.

The family said she was a lovely woman, and the hospital was responsible for her death for not providing the help she needed. The family wants authorities to investigate her death and give her justice.

Three children lost their mother tragically when she committed suicide after giving birth to her third child. Orlaith Quinn’s husband recently appeared in an interview to talk about her death.

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