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Porta Potty Dubai Stories Twitter Video – An anonymous lady who wishes to amass wealth and live a luxurious lifestyle similar to her acquaintances and friends. She stated that she traveled to Dubai for a weekend getaway, and her enjoyment was multiplied by four because a wealthy friend covered the entire expense.

We can’t post the video on this Page, but you can watch it here

The anonymous lady later revealed that her colleague is a high-end escort who provides her services to wealthy individuals in Dubai. Additionally, she stated that she spent a weekend there and was repeatedly assaulted by high-class citizens searching for physical relations.

Porta Potty Dubai Video Viral on Twitter

The unidentified lady revealed several other heinous incidents, including being assaulted and urinating on human feces in exchange for $40,000 GH 200,000. After completing her job, she stated that she met with her coworker and expressed gratitude for her friendship, giving her the nickname potty, which she accepted without hesitation.

She informed me that her friend Porta owns a 2011 CL550 and lives in Newport Beach. The anonymous lady expressed surprise that a girl who has not even completed her higher education lives such a luxurious lifestyle. She stated that she aspires to live in the same manner as Porta.

Thus, the anonymous lady approached her friend several months earlier, the same girl who approached her during the Christmas season and informed them about a trip scheduled for January 5th. She claims to have been accompanied by two other females.

They receive $40,000 for any expenses incurred during a weekend trip to St Bart’s. She asserts that upon hearing the sum, she would not hesitate for a moment, as it is more than she earns in an entire year. She claims that her friend warned her about this infamous profession, but she has no problem with any of it.

We can’t post the video on this Page, but you can watch it here

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