Raw Food Video: What Is Scott Morrison Chicken Curry Recipe? Twitter Reacts

Scott Morrison claimed to have created a Sri Lankan tamarind eggplant and okra meal, as well as chicken korma and rice, in a photo posted to Facebook last night.

The Prime Minister took a break from campaigning to dine with his family at home, but he couldn’t help himself from throwing in a political slant, and his post, “Curry with a kick. The economy is doing well. A Brighter Future”

Mr. Morrison has served up another of his famous curry dishes, but his latest experiment appears to feature undercooked chicken, much to the dismay of his devotees.

The curry row is a setback for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who is fighting for his political life as Australians prepare to vote in less than three weeks, on May 21st.

Scott Morrison proudly published a photo of his homemade chicken curry, but social media users quickly pointed out that something about his korma dish was amiss.

When he’s not campaigning or playing the ukelele, Prime Minister Scott Morrison may be found in the kitchen cooking his favorite dish, curry. He took a well-deserved break from the campaign trail on Sunday evening to prepare a meal for his loved ones.

Scott Morrison takes to Facebook to reveal his latest “night at home” concoctions, which include Chicken Korma, Sir Lankan Tamarin Eggplant, and Okra Curry.

Numerous internet users were outraged by the photographs, pointing out the Prime Minister’s hypocrisy in eating Sri Lankan food when many Sri Lankan asylum seekers were still being kept by his administration.

Scott Morrison’s Raw Food Reactions on Twitter

Scott Morrison’s raw chicken curry photos and videos are currently trending on Twitter. His family would also need strong stomachs, as a piece of the chicken korma appeared to be severely overcooked, as astute observers noted.

One perplexed individual informed the Prime Minister, “Please pray that you do not have Salmonella after eating the pink raw chicken. Consume chicken in moderation.”

“The difference between @ScottMorrisonMP & the chicken curry is that the curry isn’t as fully cooked as scott is,” writes Twitter user Mark Jacka.

According to another user, “In the Facebook post, Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s chicken curry appears to be raw. It appears to be uncooked, and chicken curry is not a Srilankan dish.”

“And the Scott Morrison Pardoy account just re-posted the PM’s post, word for word, image for image, because sometimes the truth is as funny as it gets,” Lillibet Marie says in response to his raw chicken curry.

Scott Morrison’s Diet and Food Habits

Scott Morrison is said to have lost weight by changing his diet. The prime minister’s staff stated that he has dropped a large amount of weight by following a healthy diet.

When Sunrise’s David Koch inquired about the Prime Minister’s weight loss, he quipped that he had no idea how it happened.

According to scott Morrison, who spoke to the Seven Network, “I’m not sure. Even so, I had a beer. I’m still able to do all I used to be able to do. Maybe it’s just the frantic pace and energy I’m putting out there, Kochie.”

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