Rep. Sean Casten’s 17-year-old daughter Gwen dies

Rep. Sean Casten announced the death of his 17-year-old daughter, Gwen, on Monday morning. “There are no words to explain the void in your heart when a kid dies,” Casten said on his Twitter account on Wednesday.

“We had supper as a family on Sunday night, and then she went out with some friends for a few hours,” he said. “She said goodbye to Kara and I when she got home, contacted a buddy to make sure she got home safely, and didn’t wake up on Monday morning. We only know one thing about her death: it was calm.”

We are thankful to everyone who has expressed their thoughts, sympathies, and offered assistance. To everyone who asks what they can do, we just ask that you live your life as Gwen did.

June 15, 2022 — Rep. Sean Casten (@RepCasten)

According to her father, Gwen had just graduated from high school, where she was interested in music and activism. She intended to pursue a degree in environmental science at the University of Vermont.

Her death, according to Casten, has taught him to “savor the times you have with your loved ones.”

“We want meaning. We want to hope for a better future. But the only thing we have control over is the present “He wrote something.

He expressed gratitude to individuals who have reached out to him and his family, and simply requested that everyone “live their life as Gwen lived hers,” encouraging people to “Lead with Love.”

Casten’s campaign ordered all Illinois TV stations to withdraw his campaign ads off the air until further notice on Monday, just before his congressional office revealed his daughter’s death.

Casten, a Democrat from Downers Grove, is running for his third term in Congress in the newly created 6th Congressional District, which he has served since ousting Republican incumbent Congressman Peter Roskam in 2018.

Casten is competing against rookie Rep. Marie Newman and Nicor operation mechanic Charles Hughes.

“My heart goes out to the Casten family after the tragic death of their daughter. Sean, Kara, and the whole Casten family are in my thoughts and prayers “Newman made the announcement in a statement.

Newman is also halting all campaign advertisements immediately.

After the congressional remap adopted by the Democratic majority in the state capital of Springfield placed her in the highly Hispanic 3rd District, which is represented by Rep. Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, Newman decided to fight Casten in the 2022 primary.

Hughes, a former alderman candidate in Chicago’s 23rd Ward, competed against Newman in the state’s 3rd Congressional District in 2020, finishing a distant fourth with just 2.3 percent of the vote.

Hughes’ campaign representatives could not be contacted for comment immediately.

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