Rochy RD Arrested: Fans Show Support as Trial Begins #FreeRochRD

Rochy RD

On Friday, Rochy RD was detained on suspicion of sexually assaulting a kid. In the midst of all of this, his fans are pleading with police to let him go.

People are utilizing hashtags to release their favorite singer on Twitter, but there is also a significant group of people who are entirely opposed to the ongoing trend. When a man is charged of explaining a minor, he has little prospect of getting bail and the process takes a long time.

Furthermore, the verdict is decided by a court and a legal team, and exerting undue pressure on them is an inappropriate approach in general.

RD has stated that he was unfairly accused, which has resulted in the outpouring of sympathy he has received. One Twitter user claims that anyone who defends Rochy should be investigated.

Many popular performers are also printing Free Rochy RD on their T-shirts, which has sparked outrage among social media users. Another netizen shared a meme that reads, “keeping note of everyone who says Free Rochy.”

Free Rochy RD is a Dominican artist and urban rhythm interpreter. With a verified Instagram account, he has over 3.2 million followers.

His most successful albums include Team Wa Wa Wa Pal Mundo Entero Vol. 1, Team Wa Wa Wa Pal Mundo Entero Vol. 2, Team Wa Wa Wa Pal Mundo Entero Vol. 3, Rochy Rd, and io.

Rochy made his musical debut in 2018 with the tune “Sometimes I Have No Money,” which became an instant hit with fans. RD’s music is predominantly rap, but he occasionally dabbles in the urban genre. He’s become the new face of Creole hip-hop.

What Happened to Rochy RD?

Rochy RD was charged of sexually abusing an underage girl and was arrested. All of this started when the small girl’s father entrusted her care to a man named La Demente, who was serving a prison sentence at the time.

Unfortunately, this man would go out of his way to find girls for Rochy RD to exploit. According to the prosecution, he was one of the small girl’s most trustworthy people, and she would put her trust in him.

Rochy RD is being held in detention until coercive measures are imposed on Sunday, while La Demente has eluded the authorities. Preventative detention has been requested by the prosecutor’s office.

Several provisions of the Dominican Penal Code, as well as the Code for the Protection of Children and Adolescents, will be used to prosecute the culprits.

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