Tom Vilsack News Today: USDA Confirms Secretary Tom Vilsack was not Arrested

The news about U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack being arrested has been debunked. USDA confirms that Tom Vilsack was not arrested by the military.

A website posted a story claiming the secretary was arrested by military JAG investigators at his home in Iowa on April 26. The USDA says the claim Secretary Vilsack was arrested is false.

Online sites made claims Vilsack was arrested in relation to recent food processing plant fires across the country, with some alleging he was charged with treason. However, an official USDA spokesperson confirmed Monday morning the claims are false.

“I can confirm he was not,” an USDA spokesperson confirmed to Farm Journal Monday morning. “This appears to be disinformation.”

The reports tried to tie Vilsack to a string of fires that have occurred at food processing and grain processing facilities in the U.S.  The latest fire occurred over the weekend at a Perdue Farms grain processing facility located in the South Norfolk area of Chesapeake, Va. It’s reported a soybean tank at the facility caught fire Saturday evening.

More than a dozen fires have occurred at food related facilities since the beginning of the year, which includes Taylor Farms. The Packer reported Taylor Farms’ primary foodservice processing facility in Salinas, Calif., was severely damaged by a fire that spanned April 13-14.

There are no official reports confirming the recent plant fires or explosions are related or somehow connected.

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