Two Canadians found dead in Playa del Carmen Mexican beach resort

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Two Canadians, one of whom was wanted by Interpol, were found dead of knife wounds in Mexico’s Caribbean coast resort of Playa del Carmen on Tuesday, according to the state prosecutor’s office.

Prosecutors in Quintana Roo state, which is also home to resort towns like Cancn and Tulum, said the man and woman were found dead Monday in a lodge or condominium within the troublesome resort, and a third particular person was reported wounded.

There was no quick information about their names or hometowns. “International Affairs Canada is aware of the death of two Canadian citizens in Mexico,” the ministry said in a statement.

Playa del Carmen has had a number of incidences of violence involving foreigners, most recently in January, when two Canadians were assassinated at a nearby resort, allegedly over money owing between international drug and arms trafficking organizations.

In March, authorities in Playa del Carmen found the dead of four men discarded near a condominium development. The fact that the victims were discovered together in the shrubbery beside an entrance route suggested a gangland-style homicide.

A series of blatant acts of violence have occurred elsewhere throughout Mexico’s resort-studded Mayan Riviera coast, the crown jewel of the country’s tourist economy.

A firefight on the beach of Puerto Morelos, just north of Playa del Carmen, rendered two alleged drug dealers ineffective in November. Authorities said that the 15 shooters were members of a group that allegedly disagreed with administration of narcotics sales in the area.

In late October, two visitors — one a California adventure blogger born in India and the other German – were slain in the blatant crossfire of competing drug vendors in the laid-back holiday area of Tulum.

Two Canadians were found ineffective in the Mexican seaside resort of Playa del Carmen.

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