Ümit Özdağ Soros çocuğu ne Demek: Ümit Özdağ met with the PKK

Süleyman soylu Ümit Özdağ açıklaması: The treachery of Zafer Party Chairman Ümit Özdağ, who recently attempted a racist provocation to confuse Turkey, has been documented.
It was revealed that Özdağ met with the PKK in the USA in 1997 and hosted PKK representatives in his office in Turkey in 2002. Among the allegations, Özdağ specifically chose the dates when the Turkish army carried out a cross-border operation for provocation.

The true face of Ümit Özdağ , who has been brainwashing the nationalist Turkish youth with his populist rhetoric by claiming to be “Turkist” and who wants to lay the groundwork for the terrorist state planned to be established in northern Syria by causing street events in Turkey, has been exposed.


It was documented that the Chairman of the Victory Party, Ümit Özdağ, met with the terrorist organization PKK executives in the USA in 1997. With the document published by journalist Bekir Tiryaki on his social media account, it was revealed that Özdağ was in treason.


Özdağ, who insistently repeats some allegations even though he knows that the posts he has made on his social media accounts lately, are false, and the support he receives from the FETO terrorists he once taught on social media does not go unnoticed.

Özdağ, who has deep ties with FETO, has many FETO members, especially fugitive Emre Uslu, in the editorial staff of the magazine.


Ozdag, who took action to confuse the streets whenever Turkey attempted a cross-border operation against the PKK, also tried very hard to cause confusion in Operation Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch, as it is today.

During the Euphrates Shield Operation  , he tried to make the  Turkish army seem helpless in the face of their enemies by saying ” Turkish soldiers are hungry and thirsty within the borders of Syria, they can’t find a place to wear, eat, eat or take a bath” . In those days, the TAF said, “ The news, some of which take into account individual initiatives that do not have good intentions, upset our people before us. The state is mobilizing all its power to that region generously.”  He almost brushed off Ümit Özdağ by making a statement.

Then, he appeared in Operation Olive Branch and   made the black propaganda “What did you give to take Afrin should be asked” . Who and what was given in the operation in which 4600 YPG terrorists were killed and brought peace to Afrin? 4600 YPG terrorists were killed and only CHP was saddened. CHP, HDP and their party IP were against this operation and were trying to strengthen their thoughts with such propaganda. Ümit Özdağ, who is said to be a very big Turkish nationalist, was diluting the operation of the Turkish army, but he could not speak up for the CHP, which also took care of the terrorist organizations YPG and PYD with the degree of love.

Özdağ was also on the screen to dilute the Idlib issue. Realizing this situation, MHP Deputy Chairman Semih Yalçın took this situation red-handed on social media and said, “While the Turkish military is fighting for survival and martyrs in Idlib, they are on TV screens and provoking, trying to provoke chaos and indignation in the society, and organizing a perception operation in favor of the enemies of Turkey. It’s time for Ümit Özdağ to show his true face”  and said quite striking things about Ümit Özdağ’s relations.

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