Vernon G Brubaker Death, Obituary – Cause Of Death

Vernon G. “Buz” Brubaker passed away on June 15 at the ProMedica Ebeid Hospice Residence in Sylvania. His gentlemanly demeanor made him a beloved friend and coworker while he worked as superintendent of the composing department at The Blade.

Following a six-month health slide, Mr. Brubaker recently experienced a stroke. His wife, Marilyn Brubaker, reported that he had previously relocated from a rehabilitation center to a skilled care facility after suffering a terrible fall.

Before transferring to Macomber High School, where he studied the printing trade, Mr. Brubaker spent his freshman year at DeVilbiss High School. After graduating from high school, he worked as a linotype operator at Roberts Printing in Toledo, according to Mrs. Brubaker.

Soon after that, he made the decision to join in the newspaper industry and started at The Blade. After beginning his career at The Blade as a printer, Mr. Brubaker was given promotions to assistant night foreman in 1970, night foreman in 1976, and day foreman in 1984. He stayed there for more than three decades.

Mr. Brubaker was appointed composing room superintendent in 1986 and held that position until 1993, when he retired.

“He enjoyed how quickly the work was done. When it was time for the press to roll, he had to visit every department to confirm the timing, according to Mrs. Brubaker. She added that Mr. Brubaker had contributed to installing a new computer system at The Blade.

Throughout his life, Mr. Brubaker played softball with a lot of passion. His baseball club won the local championship in 1953 thanks to a dependable catcher.

Later, Mr. Brubaker delighted in playing softball for the newspaper.

He was the type of person who always treated everyone the way he liked to be treated, according to Mrs. Brubaker, and as a result, he had a really good rapport with every employee.

When Mr. Brubaker departed, Robert Campbell, one of his coworkers, was appointed pre-press department superintendent.

Throughout their lives, Mr. and Mrs. Brubaker was great friends with Mr. Campbell, who passed away in 2019, and his wife Penny Campbell.

“Buz was funny in a good way. He was consistently the gentleman, Mrs. Campbell remarked. Never said anything inappropriate, and just an amazing person.

Mrs. Campbell stated that Mr. Brubaker and her husband particularly liked playing golf together and occasionally commiserated when their shots didn’t sail off the tee as they had hoped.

Additionally, Mr. Brubaker kept in touch with his buddies from elementary school and high school. According to Mrs. Brubaker, they participated in bowling leagues together and once won a competition outside of town.

Mr. and Mrs. Brubaker relocated to a Hillsdale lakefront house after he retired, where they frequently hosted their kids and grandchildren. While there, Mr. Brubaker liked hunting and fishing with his sons and grandsons.

Mrs. Campbell recalls, “Up in Hillsdale, they had a wicker sale that was advertised in The Blade.” And each time they held their wicker sale, I would drive up, stop, and speak with them.

Mr. and Mrs. Brubaker spent their winters in San Clemente, California, where they also liked entertaining friends and family.

Mr. Brubaker placed a high value on his family. At the Paladrome, he and his wife met around Christmas of 1954, and on August 13, 1955, they were wed. Their time together, as well as that with their four children, nine grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren, was cherished.

Mrs. Brubaker remarked, “We had a great time together.

In Florida and in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, they went camping together. The Bedford 3B baseball team that Mr. Brubaker coached included his sons.

Mrs. Brubaker said, “We were the most devoted family you could think of. Fantastic kids, fantastic grandchildren. We were quite lucky.

Mr. Brubaker, who was born on April 15th, 1933, grew up in Toledo and had a good upbringing. His mother, Rema Brubaker, was a stay-at-home mom, and his father, Lawrence Brubaker, worked for a surface combustion firm.

He is survived by his one daughter, Linda Kay, three sons, Larry, Mark, and Brian Brubaker, nine grandsons, and five great-granddaughters.

On Monday, the Urbanski Funeral Home will host a memorial service for Mr. Brubaker from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. The Urbanski Funeral Home will host the funeral services on Tuesday at 10 a.m.

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