What is Kematian Baby Adam Cause Of Death? Siti Bainun Arrested

The autopsy report of Kematian Baby Adam, who died in a very popular 2020 Malaysian cash, has now been solved. The death of a 10-month-old baby boy named Muhammad Adam Rizqi Abdul Azim was solved this year after a police inquiry. The case has been taking a little bit of time to solve.

The police discovered that the real cause of the baby Adam’s death was pneumonia after investigating the autopsy report released by the Kuala Lampur Hospital.

According to Assistant Commissioner Siti Kamsiah Hassan of the Bukit Aman Sexual Women and Children Investigation Division (D11), the autopsy results also revealed that no criminal element was involved in the baby’s death. As part of his investigation, he discovered that the owner of Rumah Bonda had filed a report on Adam’s Bella.

It has become a flashpoint for many who feel that the infant Adam was murdered by sexually harassed people. To protect his identity, the criminal staged a scene like this. There have been occasions when investigation papers were opened and cases where investigation papers were not opened because no criminal components were detected.

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