Where Is Ben Crump’s Bodyguard Today? Update

“Civil: Ben Crump” by Netflix is a documentary that looks at how civil rights attorneys play a critical part in gaining justice and the ugly reality of fear, violence, and money. But there was Silky Slim, a former gang member turned bodyguard/investigator for a renowned lawyer, who drew our attention the most. So, if you want to learn more about him – the unusual but honest man Ben considers a member of his family; his brother – we’ve got all the information for you.

Silky Slim is a person.
Silky Slim was reputedly born and reared as Arthur Reed in a less-than-pleasant area near Louisiana State University in the metropolis of Baton Rouge. He learnt to be tough at a young age, which led him to begin drug trafficking and committing violent crimes at the age of 12, only to swiftly escalate into more. In reality, according to his biography Online, at the age of 14, he was convicted of two charges of attempted second-degree murder and did time in juvenile jail before joining a gang.

Arthur, known on the street as Silky Slim, was a co-founder of the vicious 4 Down and Southside Wrecking Crews, and eventually joined the legendary Rolling 30s Cripps gang in California. So he was in and out of jail institutions in both states for the next 20 years, but his crimes and drug usage appeared to weigh heavily on him, which is why he tried suicide three times. However, he stated in his full biography that he was the only survivor of a horrible vehicle accident and that in 2003, he entirely altered his ways in every manner conceivable.

What happened to Silky Slim?
“I couldn’t even get a job at the sanitation plant with my arrest record and all I’ve gone through in my life,” Silky Slim stated in the Netflix original documentary. [Crump] hired me and was a lifesaver in my life. When someone believes me, it makes me happy. So he preserved his street moniker as a reminder, had a short career as a hip-hop musician (releasing two albums overall), and moved on in the goal of inspiring change in the long term. In other words, he has evolved into a public personality, motivational speaker, activist, and entrepreneur in addition to functioning as Ben’s bodyguard and civil investigator.

Silky is the founder and vice president of the Baton Rouge-based group Stop The Killing, which works to prevent needless crimes in a variety of areas. In reality, he counsels young offenders and problematic youths while effectively leading by example, demonstrating that progress can be made. He has done everything from publishing newsletters and organizing local protests to appearing on public television and promoting his Stop the Kills message to becoming a civil rights activist and participating on the 360Wise Media advisory board. Silky seems to be pleased with where he is now, and he should be.

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