Who is Iraj Weeraratne Wife? Age, Net Worth, Married, Biography, Wikipedia

Fans are curious to know if the Sri Lankan Singer, Iraj Weeraratne is married or not. Iraj Weeraratne is a very reserved person. Even though the Sinhalese singer loves to entertain people with his songs, he barely ever puts his private life in the eyes of the media.

His relationship status has always been a topic of interest among the public. However, Iraj Weeraratne appears to be single & does not seem to be married to anyone.

However, in 2013, several pictures of Iraj and a woman from what appeared to be a wedding surfaced. The general public was very interested in this.

His fans were quick to speculate if the singer had gotten married in a private ceremony without letting anyone know. But to his fan’s surprise, the pictures were just from a music video he was filming.

Weeraratne also had some of his pictures released with a girl who could have been his girlfriend. But he never confirmed the girl’s identity, & it is still a mystery if he is still with her.

Iraj Weeraratne Wikipedia, Biography!

Iraj Weeraratne is a very popular R&B & hip-hop artist in Sri-Lanka. But his talents do not just stop here; he is also a great music producer & has produced a number of his music.

Weeraratne also had his television show called Derana TV called “Iraj show,” which was also known among Sri-Lankan people. He is very loved in Sri Lanka.

Iraj is also the first to introduce Sinhala rap & Tamil rap to Sri Lanka. He first introduced the two raps in 2004 & has continued ever since. Several artists have also started taking an interest in Sinhala & Tamil rap.

Iraj Weeraratne started his career in 2003. When Weeraratne was just 16 years old, he won the best keyboardist title, which he got awarded by Guildhall Music School.

He then teamed up with a friend in college to form a band called Zealots. So far in his career, he was worked with several famous artists.

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