Who is Judith Sobol? Michigan nurse charged with murder for being under the influence of drugs while toddler died in her care

Judith Sobol, a 42-year-old home health care nurse from Coloma, Michigan, is accused of killing a three-year-old toddler who was in her care on Thursday.

According to People News, the girl passed suddenly on Monday. When the police found the child’s body, the victim’s night nurse, Judith Sobol, was allegedly high on meth. According to reports, she was found in possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.


Sobol is now being detained at the Berrien County Jail. Her bond has been set at $500,000.

The whole account of Judith Sobol

According to her LinkedIn page, Judith Sobol was a certified home healthcare nurse with a Masters in Science and Business Administration. She started working as a nurse at Forest View Hospital in 2018.


But at some unexplained time in the past, Sobol did begin using methamphetamine. Authorities claim that she confessed to using the drug in the probable cause report.


The infant, who is three years old, was just another task for Sobol, according to ABC. However, Sobol admitted to smoking meth for four straight days, according to Michigan investigators. Two meth pipes were discovered on the scene.


According to the police report, Sobol claimed that the victim fell unconscious due to a drug-induced stupor as she was cleaning her trachea tube. She allegedly forgot to reconnect the tube, which led to the death of the infant, who was three years old.


Wes Smigielski, the police chief in Coloma Township, provided a summary of the incident in an interview with WNDU. He declared:


According to ABC News, police reports showed that Sobol accepted responsibility for her actions and admitted that the child’s death was the result of her carelessness.


On Monday, Michigan authorities charged Judith Sobol with second-degree murder and methamphetamine possession. On Wednesday, she was scheduled to be arraigned.


According to Michigan’s second-degree murder statute, Sobol might be sentenced to life in prison. Detectives have blamed Sobol because of her negligence even though they don’t believe the murder was planned.

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