Who Is Samirah Muzaffar Father? Husband Nazrin Hassan Murder Case and Verdict Details

Samirah Muzaffar’s Father? Details about husband Nazrin Hassan’s murder case and verdict: After the judicial authorities failed to detect the true face of the killer, Samirah Muzaffar was freed from the allegations of killing her spouse Nazrin Hassan. The Judge in this case, Ab Karim Ab Rahman, proclaimed that the accused will be freed even before requesting permission to do so, yet it had no effect. On June 14, 2018, Samirah, her children, and their maid Eka Wahyu Lestari were named as the murders of Nazrin Hassan, the Chief Executive Officer of the Cradle Fund, at their Mutiara Damansara home. UptoBrain.com has more updates.

Samirah Muzaffar’s Father?
Nazrin Hassan was born on the 5th of May 1973 in Kuala Lumpur and died on the 14th of June in 2018. He died as a result of the explosion of his cellphone. According to sources, Nazrin Hassan died as a result of an acute harm to his brain within the nerves caused by the mobile phone explosion. The cops confiscated all evidence from the scene of the event. He was just 45 years old when he died.

Husband of Samirah Muzaffar Murder of Nazrin Hassan
Since October 2007, Nazrin Hassan has served as the Cradle Fund’s Chief Executive Officer. He was a member of the UK Executive Council for Malaysian Students’ executive committee. Nazrin Hassan was on the board of the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre for over a year and was also a member of the Cradle’s Venture Capital Arm, Cradle Seen Ventures, until his death. In 1994, he received his Bachelor of Laws degree, and in 1997, he received his Master of Laws degree from King’s College London.

Verdict in the Nazrin Hassan Murder Case
Samirah Muzaffar is the daughter of Chandra Muzzafar, a successful businessman, entrepreneur, and executive. He is also a Malaysian Muslim Political Scientist, as well as an Islamic activist and advocate. Chandra Muzzafar is a writer who specializes in civilizational discourse, human rights, Malaysian politics, and international relations. Chandra Muzzafar began his career as the head of Malaya University’s Centre for Civilisational Dialogue in Kuala Lumpur.

He then became a lecturer at Penang’s University of Science and Global Studies. Chandra Muzzafar formed Aliran Kesedaran Negara from 1977 until 1991. In Malaysia, this was a newly formed organization promoting justice, freedom, and unity. He is presently the President of the International Movement for a Just World (JUST), a non-governmental organization dedicated to raise public awareness of the moral and intellectual foundations of global justice.

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