Why Did X Factor Judge Dmytro Shurov Breaks Contestant’s Guitar? What Happened

Dmytro Shurov, a judge on The X Factor, breaks a contestant’s guitar video: He claimed that the participants’ performance was poor, and that this was the only reason I broke his guitar. Everyone on the show is taken aback when they watch his outburst. The artist was similarly taken aback and behaved as though he had no idea what was going on. The audience, on the other hand, was taken aback by the judge’s abrasion. Then he calms down, and when he returned to his seat, he was greeted with a standing ovation.

The contestant’s name is Juri Hancurkan, and he was the target of the judge’s outburst. He became agitated and began to cry, and it was then that he revealed the truth: the guitar had been given to him by his late father. Well, this is heartbreaking, and the judge’s supporters have flocked to Twitter to express their displeasure with his disrespect. What action has been done against him is yet unknown. He hasn’t made any public comments, and everyone is waiting for him to make a statement. He is also regarded as the best guitarist and musician in the world.

What happened to Dmytro Shurov, the X Factor judge? The Guitar Video of a Contestant Goes Viral On Social Media! : The X-Factor is the most well-known reality show, with viewers from all over the world tuning in to watch it. This show is well-liked by fans, who enjoy watching it since the concept is intriguing and distinct from other reality shows. People are wild for wanting to be a part of the show, and they all used to watch every season. This time, the show is in the news because of the show’s judge. What is the cause for the show’s popularity and why is it generating headlines?

What happened to Dmytro Shurov, the X Factor judge?

Stay tuned to our article to learn more about all of this and to get the latest information. We’re here to tell you the whole story. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at what’s going on. Dmytro Shurov is a well-known and well-liked judge on the show “Dmytro Shurov.” He was a judge on the show’s eighth and ninth seasons. On the show, he received numerous fair judgments. He stormed the stage, snatched the captions’ guitar, and smashed it against the stage’s other participant’s guitar. That was extremely impolite of him.

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