Zhiwen Yan Death Cause: Tributes Pour In As “Chinese Food Delivery Man Shot Dead In Queens”

Zhiwen Yan

Yan Zhiwen was found unconscious when police arrived at the location after being told by an anonymous caller to 911, according to the police. In addition, he was sent to the Elmhurst Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Furthermore, authorities said that this was an accident caused by road rage. The suspect, however, has yet to be apprehended, and authorities have no leads in this case. While a witness claimed to have seen a Lexus speed away from the crime scene. In the following part, you will learn more about Yan Zhiwen.

What was Zhiwen Yan’s name, and how did he die? As a “Chinese Food Delivery Man Shot Dead In Queens,” tributes pour in: A shooting incident occurred in Queens on Saturday night, in which a Chinese delivery boy was killed. According to accounts, the fatality was Yan Zhiwen, who was delivering food on a bike in Queens on Saturday night. People have been appalled since hearing about this horrific tragedy. Internet users have expressed their sympathies to the victim’s family. Furthermore, a Gofundme page has been established to assist Yan Zhiwen’s family financially. We’ve included every significant information of the occurrence in the areas below, including the location, victim’s age, and more. You will be enlightened on this trending news if you read the article all the way to the finish.

Zhiwen Yan Obituary: What is Zhiwen Yan Cause of Death?

As previously stated, the incident occurred on Saturday night. According to accounts, the delivery man was shot and died at 9:30 p.m. near 67 Drive and 108 Street in Forest Hills. The victim was shot in the chest, according to authorities, and only one gunshot wound was reported. Yan Zhiwen, a 45-year-old victim, was recognized as the perpetrator. He was a middle-aged man, so it’s safe to assume he’d be married. To understand more about this shooting incident, read this story all the way to the end.

Video of Zhiwen Yan being shot dead is explained

The late delivery man was a father of three children, ages 14, 12, and 2, according to the article. Furthermore, it has been alleged that he immigrated to the United States from China nearly 20 years ago and used to carry food to a Chinese restaurant known as Great Wall Takeaway. Yan Zhiwen’s neighbor described him as a hardworking and humble man who had lived in the neighborhood for the previous 20 years. For further information and updates, keep an eye on this page.

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