Arthur Grant Obituary News, Death – Cause of Death

Arthur Grant Obituary News, Death – Cause of Death: Arthur C. Grant, 63, of Meriden, CT, passed away on Sunday morning, with his loving wife and two sons by his side.

In early May 2021, Arthur was diagnosed with early-stage bladder cancer and endured six months of immunotherapy.

Arthur was a member of Brockton High School”s graduating class of 1977 where he was known as a talented diver who competed at the national level. He was recently recognized with his induction into the Brockton Athletic Hall of Fame, his obituary read.

He had a passion for life, and when he got an idea in his head, he ran with it, always making the routine more exciting and enjoyable. He was a talented diver – who once competed on the national level at the age of 17. He was exceptionally strong and was never afraid of hard work. He was full of life and had a sunny disposition. He rarely got discouraged and remained upbeat even in the toughest of times.

Arthur’s greatest source of pride is his sons. They have turned out to be respectful, helpful, strong, loving and caring, just like Arthur.

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