Krishna Sai Andavolu: Bio, Age, Cannabis Activism

You’ve probably heard about Krishna Andavolu, but you may want to know more about him. Read on for in-depth information about this TV personality, including his age and family background.


You’ll also learn about his role in the cannabis media industry and his views on cultivating autoflower weed seeds and regular ones. Keep going for the details on his show Weediquette and his personal smoking habits.


Who is Krishna Sai Andavolu?


Krishna Sai Andavolu is an executive producer for the Viceland series Weediquette. He’s also a host, writer, and editor. The hit show details the ins and outs of cannabis legalization.


It covers important topics, including the science behind growing pot seeds. Andavolu also delves into the economics of the marijuana industry. The complexities of weed culture are always one of the hot topics on the show. 


Before he produced and hosted the Weediquette series, he worked as a development producer, where he generated early-stage show formats. He spent most of his career at Vice, and he’s mostly known for his cannabis work with the company. 


Krishna Sai Andavolu Background


Andavolu comes from a conservative Indian family. His parents are both physicians who raised him according to traditional Hindu values. 


Krishna grew up in Princeton, New Jersey, and attended Princeton Day School. He didn’t smoke cannabis at school and described himself as a “straight-edge” nerd. 


So, when did he start using weed? He discovered cannabis in college (as most people do). He graduated from Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Arts in Intellectual History. 


Krishna Sai Andavolu Relationships


The Weediquette host is happily married with one child. Krishna Andavolu’s wife is public defender Emma Alpert with whom he has a son, Kalyan. Although he’s busy producing and hosting, he makes time to cook pancakes and dance it off with his baby. 


His relationship with his parents was strained for a while. As traditional Indians, they didn’t smoke or drink, and when they saw him do it on tv, they were upset at first. After watching the show, they slowly came around. 


His parents now accept that he can have a successful career while smoking weed. It reigns true since his major success came from documenting cannabis. 


They’ve also had a change of heart on weed and now believe it’s a medicine for which nobody should go to jail. Andavolu has seen the show’s power in opening people’s minds with his parents and many other viewers. 


What’s Weediquette?


Krishna Sai stars and produces this show, but what exactly is it? Weediquette is a documentary series that aired on Viceland from February 2016 to November 2017.


It delves deep into the marijuana industry, including its cultivation and other factors, like dispensaries. One of the main topics the series covers are the medicinal uses of cannabis. 


Krishna Andavolu said that as a journalist, he wanted to uncover the truth behind why legalization was so important. The show tells the stories of people with illnesses like cancer and how it helps them manage their symptoms. 


One of the most intriguing episodes is Herb for Autism (S3 E2). It reveals parents who are breaking federal law to help their children cope with the symptoms. The show shines a positive light on cannabis use compared to the typical lazy stoner image the media portrays. 


Is Krishna Andavolu A Stoner?


He started smoking weed in college and has been an occasional toker since then. Andavolu said it was fun but not really life-changing for him. He has a prescription for medicinal cannabis to help with his back problems, but besides that, he’s not a regular smoker outside of the show. 


The highest he’s ever been was at a concert where Snoop Dogg’s uncle handed him a joint. He says he was so buzzed it felt like he was taking off while in a spaceship. 


Krishna said he wouldn’t consider himself a stoner but believes in marijuana’s benefits.


Why would he start a whole show dedicated to it if he’s not a major weed enthusiast? He wanted to speak up when legalization was being discussed and saw it as an opportunity to change the narrative. 


As a journalist, he was tired of seeing the media sensationalize and condemn people who used cannabis. 


He put it beautifully when he said, “That’s when I was like, holy shit; this is about life and death. This is about whether people are going too far in their advocacy for marijuana; this is about people’s hopes and dreams and lives crystallized in a single decision, in a single moment.”


Although he’s not a stoner, his work is making enormous strides for weed enthusiasts. He’s showing the side of cannabis people don’t usually see. His journalism doesn’t cover recreational things like the meaning of 420 and weed parties.


Instead, you see how it improves the quality of life for people with debilitating conditions, including children. It also shows how crucial medical marijuana legalization is. 


Krishna Andavolu is making waves in the cannabis world through the power of journalism.








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