Caige Rider Obituary – Death: In Loving Memory of Cabell Midland Student Caige Rider

Friday at Cabell Midland High School was a melancholy day as senior night took on more significance.

Caige Rider, a senior football player who passed away the day before after being struck by oncoming traffic on Interstate 64 directly behind the stadium, was remembered.

Before kickoff, there was a period of silence marked by the number Caige wore: 35. A tribute table with flowers and his senior picture was set up on the sideline with his jersey carried onto the field by players. The team members then gave Caige’s family members hugs.

Chris Tatum, the mayor of Barboursville, calls the Knights’ radio games. His daughter cheers for Midland as a senior. He claims that the two had been friends since preschool.

Tatum remarked that “all his pals thought so highly of him, simply an all-around excellent child.” “What a terrible tragedy, that is. You don’t want children to experience death.

The team made the decision to play against Riverside and pay respect to their comrade after learning of their teammate’s unexpected death.

Tatum said, “I think the community and these kids, not that they’re trying to get past it, but they wanted to do something where they felt normal and were doing to honor Caige, and I think getting back on the field is what is going to help them do that.” “Everyone involved is just hurting right now,” Tatum continued.

The Riverside captains took their No. 35 jersey to midfield during the first coin flip as a sign of respect.

Hurricane, a rival team from Midland, solicited funds for the Rider family throughout their match.







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