Geoffrey Seymour Health Update; Richmond dad battle with stage 4 bowel cancer

Geoffrey Seymour Health Update; Richmond dad battle with stage 4 bowel cancer.

A robust and healthy father with stage 4 cancer claims that after a dreadful chemo reaction left him too ashamed to attend his young son’s cricket matches, he was left looking like the “Nightmare on Elm Street.” He is now hoping to save his life with a ground-breaking vaccination.

Geoffrey Seymour, a 41-year-old procurement specialist who enjoyed playing basketball, cricket, and tennis, had never experienced any health problems up until a few weeks before his 41st birthday, when he started having blood in his stools.

Geoffrey instantly saw his doctor because he was aware that this was a sign of cancer thanks to television commercials.

Geoffrey, who resides in Richmond, London, with his wife Santa, 44, and their son Marco, 10, was identified as having stage 4 colorectal cancer that had spread from his colon to his liver. Geoffrey compared his condition to “being wrapped in a paper bag that is on fire” because it was so dire and seemingly hopeless.

Additionally, he experienced a horrible reaction to the chemotherapy, which left his face covered in severe blisters and, in Geoffrey’s opinion, gave him the appearance of Freddy Krueger from the 1984 horror movie Nightmare on Elm Street.






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