NOUN New Academic Calendar for 2022/2023 Academic Session

National Open University of Nigeria, Lagos (NOUN) New and current Academic Calendar for the 2022/2023 Academic Session for New and Regular Students.

NOUN New Academic Calendar ♠The institution “National Open University of Nigeria “ has Listed out the New and current academic Calendar for the 2022/2023 academic session: This is to say that National Open University of Nigeria Academic calendar has being restructured by the management of National Open University of Nigeria all New and regular Students, studying in National Open University of Nigeria are to key into these New and Current Academic Calendar… NOUN Aspirants are to see more Details Below.

NOUN Academic Calendar

Important Key Points to Apply in 2022/2023 NOUN Academic Calendar

Below are some key point that “will” probably help you in the course of your Educational Carrier which consist of:

  • As a Student who is about embarking on the journey of education some important things to do which is the primary level is to write down the information you are just reading.
  • As a Student you must know fully well that knowledge kept in times of reading, are the same knowledge that will rescue you in time of Need.
  • Check the New and Current Academic Calendar often and memorize it so that you won’t miss or escape any of your Exams or texts.
  • Always Visit this Page always, make use of the SEARCH BUTTON type in your school name, all the important information about your institution will come out depending on the one you need at the right time.

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Month Activity Possible Duration Date
December, 2020 Registration of Courses/Examination Begins 1st December, 2022
January, 2023 Pen on Paper Examination begins 18th January, 2023
January Inaugural Lecture 28th January, 2023
January 9th & 10th Convocation 30th January, 2023
February, 2023 Pen on paper examination ends 6th February, 2023
February Inaugural Lecture 8th February, 2023
February E-examination begins 11th February, 2023
February E-examination ends 26th February, 2023
March, 2023 Senate 9th March, 2023
April, 2023 Registration of Courses/Examination Ends 20th April, 2023
April Orientation 23rd April, 2023
April Matriculation 24th April, 2023
April Facilitation commences 26th April, 2023
April 1st TMA  begins 30th April, 2023
May, 2023 SIWES    4 weeks 3rd  May – 29th May, 2023
May 1st TMA  ends 9th May, 2023
May 2nd TMA  begins 10th May, 2023
May 2nd TMA  ends 19th May, 2023
May 3rd TMA  begins 20th May, 2023
June, 2023 3rd TMA  ends 29th May, 2023  
June Pen on Paper Examination begins    2 Weeks 1st June, 2023
June Pen on Paper Examination ends 15th  June, 2023
June E-examination begins    2 Weeks 22nd June, 2023
July, 2023 E-examination ends 6th July, 2023
July Inaugural Lecture July, 2023
July Senate 13th July, 2023
July Release of Results 15th July, 2023
July Registration of Courses/Examination begins 19th July, 2023
September, 2023 Facilitation commences 16th September, 2023
September Registration of Courses/Examination ends 30th September, 2023
October, 2023 1st TMA  begins 1st October, 2023
October 1st TMA  ends 10th October, 2023
October 2nd TMA  begins 11th October, 2023
October 2nd TMA  ends 24th October, 2023
October 3rd TMA  begins 25th October, 2023
November, 2023 3rd TMA  ends 7th November, 2023
November Pen on Paper Examination begins 9th November, 2023
November Pen on Paper Examination ends 30th November, 2023
December, 2023 E-examination begins 6th December, 2023
December E-examination ends 21st December, 2023
January, 2022 Senate 12th January, 2024
January Release of Results 14th January, 2024
January Convocation 28th – 29th January, 2024

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Lastly National Open University of Nigeria is one of the Best institution in Nigeria Which Offers the best education courses and services to help enhance total quality Education for Students from Nigeria and Beyond, National Open University of Nigeria has a Total Quality Teachers/ Lecturers who has being Trained well for the total quality Education, in the Educational Sector and are always ready to flow along with Students who are only but Serious in the courses of Learning.

National Open University of Nigeria came along with the institution which was Least Expected to grant and fight for the future of student who value Knowledge, one of the things that set National Open University of Nigeria Aside from other Universities is that the Institution is Based on Absolute Integrity.

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