Postgraduate Academic Calendar for University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) 2022/2023

UNILORIN Postgraduate Academic Calendar

At the 294th Meeting of the Postgraduate School Board held on Wednesday, 26th May, 2023, the Board noted the review of the 2022/2023 Academic Calendar for the undergraduate programmes by Senate which terminates the Session on 29 May, 2023. The review also provided that the 2022/2023 Academic Session would commence on 14th June, 2023.

Having noted the above Senate review, the Board agreed that the 2022/2023 Academic Calendar for postgraduate studies be reviewed accordingly.

In view of the above, the Board approved that:

  1. Rain Semester Examinations for 2022/2023 should hold between Monday, 5th to Saturday, 30th July, 2023;
  2. 2022/2023 Admission should be released in the first week in June;
  3. 2022/2023 Academic Session should commence on Monday, 2nd August, 2023; and
  4. notwithstanding the review, school fee for 2022/2023 would lapse on 30th September, 2023