Cornhill Alert: Suspect Armed with Machete in Cornhill area, Utica Police Warned

Emergency notifications about a threat in Utica are being sent to some Central New York households. Tuesday, a phone message stated, “CORNHILL AREA – STAY INSIDE YOUR HOMES AT THIS TIME DUE TO DANGEROUS INCIDENT.”

Police in Utica said that they were looking for a “distraught man” who was roaming the streets with a huge machete in the Cornhill neighborhood, Cottage Place, and close to State Street. Police urged locals to remain indoors since they claimed the man would not cooperate with them.

According to WKTV, police were also issuing a stay-inside and shut your doors warning to locals from the street while wearing ballistic shields and loudspeakers.

According to police, they made an effort to engage with the man as he strolled with the machete for a number of blocks. He reached his residence in the 600 block of Cottage Place without being stopped by “less than lethal” choices.

Police reported that as of 2:15 p.m., the person was still inside his home, where conversations with SWAT and trained crisis negotiators was taking place.

As more information becomes available, it will be made public, according to the police.

Social media users voiced dissatisfaction with the phone alert because Rochester, among other places, has a Cornhill neighborhood but Utica was not included in the message. Some claimed they got the warning up to 45 miles outside of Utica.







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