Randy Druken Obituary Newfoundland: NL Man Wrongfully Arrested and Imprisoned is Dead, Death Cause

Randy Druken Death: Randy Druken, who was unfairly imprisoned for 30 years for killing his girlfriend, has passed away. Druken, 57, passed away in a residence in the city’s center just before midnight on Tuesday.

Police are looking into it, but sources claim no wrongdoing is being suspected. Brenda Marie Young was stabbed to death at her house on Empire Avenue in 1993. Druken was sentenced to nearly seven years in prison; in 2005, he was given $2 million in restitution.

However, DNA evidence that his brother, Paul, was present at the site instead of him ultimately led to his exoneration. Paul Druken overdosed on drugs and was found dead not long after, in 1999. Jody Druken, the younger brother, was found not guilty of manslaughter after a second trial was mandated in the same year that his older brother Derek was shot to death.

In front of the former Theatre Pharmacy in downtown St. John’s, that shooting took place in 1996. The Lamer Inquiry into unjust convictions in the province focused on three men: Randy Druken, Greg Parsons, and Ronald Dalton.

The report came to the conclusion that officers were relentlessly pursuing one person while suffering from “tunnel vision.” It is anticipated that Randy Druken’s funeral will take place the following week.







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