Ted Gilliland Obituary – Death: In Loving Memory of Ted Gilliland

Ted Gilliland Obituary – Death: In Loving Memory of Ted Gilliland: According to an online obituary on Friday, February 3, 2023, Ted Gilliland has passed away unexpectedly. However, cause of death was not disclosed.

Announcing his passing, Tim McLaughlin wrote;

“A dear friend of mine died yesterday. I got the news while I was at work, and then had things scheduled last night, so I had been putting off processing it, but it gets very unhealthy to do that for very long; and, more importantly, this post isn’t about me.

Ted Gilliland was a better and more loyal friend to me than I ever was to him. He was a man who cared deeply about the people in his life, who was always there in good times and bad, forgiving of much. And while he gave freely of himself to those around him, he didn’t fall into the trap of making himself small and manageable. Ted was always unapologetically himself, and anyone whose life was touched by him was met with the full strength of who he was and dared to take it or leave it. And it was one hell of a self to be; he was passionate, challenging, funny, crude, adventurous, and I think a bit more insightful than most of us ever fully appreciated.

He was more than a friend, he was a force, whose absence will be deeply felt. Despite my own failures to maintain friendships over the years, he has remained as close to me as my own brothers, sometimes more so. The outpouring of love happening on his page since yesterday says the same story over and over again: Ted was not only known by many, and loved, but important in ways that are sometimes difficult to put into words. This world will be a darker place without him in it.”

Words fall short of expressing our grief for your loss, as we mourn with family and friends for this great loss. We are truly sorry to hear of the loss of this promising being. Please accept our condolences and may our prayers help comfort you. Please receive our heartfelt condolences.

Feel free to drop condolences messages and prayers for the family and friends of the deceased as it will go a very long way at this difficult time of theirs.







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