Daniel Rodriguez Lopez Death – Obituary: Victim Shot Dead in DeSoto County Fair in Arcadia

Shortly after midnight on Saturday, the Arcadia Police Department was called to the Fairgrounds in response to a shooting that had occurred there.

According to officials, it appears to be an isolated incident, and as a result, there is no threat to the general public. The Arcadia Police Department is now investigating the issue.

Sadly, the victim, Daniel Rodriguez Lopez, died as a result of his wounds.

The mother of the slain kid is inconsolable, and she is survived by his father and three sisters, according to Ashley Beck, a family friend.

Nobody does, Beck replied, “Who intends to bury their son when he is 17 years old.

The DeSoto County Fair Association announced that the crime scene had been cleaned up and that the investigation will prevent the midway from opening on Sunday. Although they had earlier stated that the park would open, it now seems that they have changed their plans.

Following a tragic shooting at the DeSoto County Fair, police are searching for three suspects.

The incident that took place yesterday night at the fair is being investigated by the Arcadia Police Department, who are asking for the public’s help. We are aware that a video has been making the rounds on social media, and we know that many of you have already seen it.

We would like to speak with the individual who first captured that footage, so we are hunting for them. Three persons are also being tried to be identified in the footage.

An adult gentleman standing in the background who appears to have a beard, a young Hispanic woman wearing a black jacket and light jeans, and a male subject.

These people should be contacted because they might have important information. We all sincerely appreciate it. Since the incident, this investigation has been active and ongoing.

The Arcadia police department is requesting assistance from the public and urging anyone with knowledge on the incident to call 863-494-2222.







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