Joseph Kalimbwe Arrested? Why is Zambian Politician, Joseph Kalimbwe Arrested

Joseph Kalimbwe, a politician in Zambia, was detained for defrauding and impersonating others. Joseph started door-to-door campaigning in an effort to trick people since, thanks to their similar skinny bodies, Gilbert Liswaniso, the UNDP National Youth Chairman, and he appeared similar.

He introduced his ideas by stating that he was a member of the ruling Party’s Central Committee. With this, he frequently accrued funds in the name of UNDP.

Additionally, the National Youth Chairman of the Party informed the central authority of his deception and use of the Party name. The authority reported him to the Police for arrest for his conduct.

He was transferred to the central jail as a result of his allegation and is currently behind bars. Gilbert Liswaniso has warned the public that using the name of his office improperly could have serious repercussions.

He is a well-known Zambian novelist, activist, and politician who serves as the leader of Hakainde Hichilema’s United Party for National Development. He has held a number of prominent jobs during his career, earning him notoriety.

Kalimbwe served as the African Union youth simulation president and president of the University of Namibia’s student representation council in 2014. His important works are well known to a large audience.

Many people are interested on his whereabouts as his wrongdoing has come to light in the media because of his tremendous popularity among the general public for his line of work.







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