Dr. Jessica Waldron Obituary – Death: In Loving Memory of Dr. Jessica Waldron

Cassie Schienle wrote what felt like a touching obituary for Jessica on Instagram. A few days after her friend’s death, Cassie posted a short Instagram video of Jessica lovingly holding a baby. It’s unclear if it’s hers or Cassie’s, but what is obvious is the fact that Jessica is happy.

“My sister-in-law, Jess, went to Heaven on Thursday, ending her hard-fought battle with ALS,” Cassie wrote. “Smart, determined, ambitious and strong… those were the words I shared with you when you asked how others in your life would describe you.” Cassie went on to say that Jessica was always improving herself, and it showed.

“You are an angel above protecting us all and it brings comfort knowing you are whole again.”

The end of this lovely message was a thank you to all who showed their love and support to Jessica and her family. The first to comment was Christina, who wrote, “You and your family did all you could. She knew how deeply loved she was. I love this video… you can forever look back at the good memories you had together.”

Josh Hall and Christina Hall intended to retire in Tennessee when they moved there. In an interview with People Magazine, Christina said, “I would love to do the opposite [of what I do now]: I would want to live there full time and then have a nice little beach property in California, in La Jolla, that we bounce back to.”

Fortunately, Christina in the Country allows us to experience this trip because she isn’t quite there yet.

Cassie Schienle, Christina’s best friend and publicist, brought one of her first assignments to her. According to People, Schienle’s sister-in-law Jessica Waldron had just received a fatal neurological condition called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, which gradually impairs a person’s ability to move their muscles. Jessica and her family needed to use a wheelchair as her mobility got worse, but their home wasn’t accessible.

Jessica was perhaps more mentally prepared than some to handle her physical problems because she is a clinical psychologist with Stanford training. Nevertheless, her husband Damon Waldron and their two kids, son Gray, 4, and daughters Reese, 6, sought to make her life as simple as possible. Christina would be the ideal person to carry that out.

The Christina in the Country team quickly arrived at their residence to begin the urgent work. Sadly, Jessica passed away while the renovations were still underway.







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