Unveiling the Phenomenal Women of Finnish Football: Top 10 Players to Watch

Finland, a country known for its breathtaking landscapes and captivating culture, also boasts a remarkable presence in the world of women’s football. Finnish women’s football has witnessed a surge in popularity and success in recent years, thanks to the incredible talents that grace the fields. 

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  1. Tinja-Riikka Korpela: The Guardian of the Goalposts

At the top of our list stands Tinja-Riikka Korpela, a formidable goalkeeper whose agility and reflexes have earned her widespread acclaim. Korpela’s exceptional performances for the Finnish national team and various top-tier clubs have made her a prominent figure in women’s football. With her consistent shot-stopping abilities and remarkable command of the penalty area, she continues to inspire aspiring goalkeepers across the nation.

  1. Nora Heroum: The Midfield Dynamo

Nora Heroum, a versatile midfielder, is a force to be reckoned with on the pitch. Heroum’s exceptional technical skills, vision, and ability to control the game’s tempo have made her an invaluable asset for both club and country. She has displayed incredible tenacity and an eye for goal, making her a true game-changer in the midfield.

  1. Emmi Alanen: The Defensive Rock

Emmi Alanen’s commanding presence in defense has earned her a well-deserved spot on our list. With her unwavering determination, impeccable positioning, and ability to read the game, Alanen ensures that opposing attackers have a tough time finding the net. Her solid defensive displays have played a crucial role in Finland’s successes on the international stage.

  1. Linda Sällström: The Prolific Striker

When it comes to finding the back of the net, Linda Sällström is a name that cannot be overlooked. As a prolific striker, Sällström possesses exceptional goal-scoring instincts and an impressive work rate. Her ability to create opportunities and convert them into goals has made her an essential player for both her club and the Finnish national team.

  1. Adelina Engman: The Speedy Wing Wizard

Adelina Engman’s electrifying pace and skill on the wings make her a nightmare for defenders. Her ability to effortlessly maneuver past opponents and deliver accurate crosses has earned her widespread recognition. Engman’s speed and agility make her a potent attacking threat and a valuable asset in Finland’s quest for success.

  1. Eveliina Summanen: The Creative Playmaker

Eveliina Summanen’s creative flair and playmaking abilities make her an integral part of the Finnish midfield. Her exceptional passing range and vision enable her to unlock tight defenses and set up goal-scoring opportunities. Summanen’s ability to control the rhythm of the game and dictate play make her an invaluable asset for both club and country.

  1. Julia Tunturi: The Rising Star

Julia Tunturi, a young and promising talent, has already begun making waves in the Finnish football scene. Her exceptional technical skills, versatility, and composure on the ball make her a player to watch out for in the coming years. Tunturi’s potential for growth and development is exciting, and she has already showcased her immense talent on several occasions.

  1. Elena Sadiku: The Tenacious Defender

Elena Sadiku’s tenacity and defensive prowess have earned her a place among Finland’s top women football players. Sadiku’s ability to win crucialduels, anticipate opposition movements, and provide solid defensive cover makes her an indispensable asset in the backline. Her strong tackling and aerial ability make her a formidable force to reckon with, ensuring a sturdy defense for her team.

  1. Ria Öling: The Dynamic Midfielder

Ria Öling’s dynamic presence in midfield adds an extra dimension to Finland’s game. Her exceptional ball control, agility, and ability to drive forward make her a vital link between defense and attack. Öling’s vision and accurate passing enable her to create scoring opportunities and contribute to her team’s success on multiple fronts.

  1. Olga Ahtinen: The Promising Young Talent

Olga Ahtinen, a rising star in Finnish women’s football, showcases immense potential and promise. Despite her young age, Ahtinen’s technical abilities, versatility, and composure on the field have caught the attention of football enthusiasts. Her determination and hunger for success make her a player to watch closely as she continues to develop and make her mark on the sport.


The remarkable rise of Finnish women’s football is intertwined with the exceptional talents of these top 10 players. From the commanding presence of Tinja-Riikka Korpela in goal to the attacking prowess of Linda Sällström and Adelina Engman, these players have contributed significantly to the success of both their respective clubs and the Finnish national team. With their exceptional skills, dedication, and determination, they have become role models for aspiring young footballers in Finland and around the world. As women’s football continues to grow in popularity and recognition, these players continue to inspire and pave the way for future generations of Finnish footballing stars.






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