Koray Alpergin Death: Dj Koray of Bizim FM London has Passed Away Unexpectedly at 43

Koray Alpergin, founder and owner of ‘Bizim FM’, one of London’s famous DJs who has been missing since Thursday evening, was found dead in a forested area. His girlfriend is still missing

According to source, Koray Alpergin, 43-year-old who returned home from downtown on Thursday evening and his 23-year-old girlfriend, who came to visit him from Turkey, were forcibly taken into a vehicle in front of their homes.

It is recorded that the police have started an investigation on the incident. After hearing about the incident, Alpergin’s friends shared on social media.

In posts, “Both are missing. Please share. While being told that those who have information please call the police”, Altan Aktürk also said, “Dear London friends on my page; my friend and colleague, dear Koray, whom the London community is very well acquainted with, and his girlfriend, have sadly been missing since Thursday. Those who saw and heard are kindly requested to inform the authorities in the light of the information in the photo,” he stated.

Bad news came this morning though. Koray Alpergin and his 23-year-old girlfriend were found dead in a wooded area in London Loughton. While it was learned that Koray Alpergin was shot in the head and killed, there has been no news from his girlfriend yet and the police are still investigating.








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