Barry Zaret Obituary: Woodbridge man killed in “tragic” crash off Route 8

Barry Zaret Car Accident – Obituary: Woodbridge man killed in “tragic” crash off Route 8.

According to authorities, a Woodbridge man drove off Route 8 and died after falling to the road below.

Barry Zaret, 82, was traveling south on Route 8 near exit 45 in Torrington, according to state police. Zaret left the road right before exit 44 at around 2:15 p.m. Zaret then drove up a dirt hill and onto the grassy median.

Then, according to authorities, Zaret’s Toyota RAV4 Limited “took flight” and struck the guardrail fence on the Wintrop Street overpass.

The cement wall on Wintrop Street, which was about 20 feet below Route 8, is where police claim Zaret crashed with. Officials claim that Zaret’s ultimate resting place was hanged from telephone cables.

At the site, Zaret’s death was confirmed.

There were no other recorded injuries.

Investigations are ongoing.






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